ABOUT StethoSafe

The StethoSafe Story


StethoSafe started as just general idea in May of 2016, when I just got sick and tired of finding damaged stethoscope diaphragms in the airway bag on my rescue.  No one ever saves the little repair kits that come with them.  And, I don’t have time to repair them on a scene anyway, if that’s where the damaged stethoscope is discovered.  So, I started brainstorming and sketching.  Nothing was quite right though.  Most ideas were too bulky or time consuming to use.  They usually involved an elastic strap or Velcro, and no faster or easier that just putting the entire stethoscope in a case.  That just defeated the whole purpose.  Anyone who works in EMS knows that when you need something on a critical call, seconds count.  No one is going to take the time to put a stethoscope in a cumbersome case when it might interfere with performing the job at a critical moment.  I don’t have time when I’m confirming the placement of an endotracheal tube or assessing the lung sounds on an asthmatic child.  But, there was still the problem of frequently damaged stethoscopes.

So, I shelved the idea for a while and just thought, “This is why no one has ever made a product like this before.  It can’t be done.”  Then I would casually think about it off and on for several months.  Until I had an epiphany in October 2016!  A flexible base with claw-like fins attached to the inside walls that you can just slide the scope into, and pull out just as easy.   Sorry for the geeking out.

After some prototyping then meetings with manufacturers, the StethoSafe was born.  


"Stethoscope replacement rate decrease by 98% with the StethoSafe!"


"Before the StethoSafe, I was either constantly carrying my stethoscope around my neck, or worried that it might be damaged.  Now I simply click it in my bag, and pull it out when I need it.  I always know where it is, and I know it will be ready to use!"


"The StethoSafe is THE standard in stethoscope protection!"