Littman Cardiology IV
Littman Cardiology IV

Sprague Style Stethoscope
Sprague Style Stethoscope


Littman Cardiology IV
Littman Cardiology IV





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What is the StethoSafe?

The StethoSafe is a plastic case that allows you to confidently store your stethoscope in any backpack, case, airway, duffel or aid bag without damaging your diaphragm. The StethoSafe is compact, rugged, very easy-to-use and FAST! Use the included cord to easily attach the StethoSafe to any strap, loop or bar in a bag/case. Now you can quickly find and remove your operational stethoscope in seconds.

Who needs the StethoSafe?
  • EMS Agencies

  • Fire Departments

  • Paramedic, EMT, Nursing and Med Students

  • Combat Medics / Corpsmen

  • Traveling Doctors and Nurses

  • Rural Veterinarians

  • Anyone who travels with a stethoscope

Compatible Stethoscopes:



All Sprague Rappaport Style (no matter the manufacturer), Littmann Cardiology III and IV, The ADC Adscope 604, 605, 641, 647 and 675, the ADC Proscope 640 ,and both Signature and Spectrum series by Mabis stethoscopes.​

StethoSafe 1
StethoSafe 1


Built to last
Built to last

StethoSafe 1
StethoSafe 1




3D printed, Prototype Quality 

Classics are now available!

The StethoSafe Classic is compatible with Littmann Classic II and III (2 and 3), American Diagnostics Corporation's (ADC) Adscope 603, 608, 609, and 670, MedLine's Synergy Series and StethoHope's McCune and Mandela Stethoscope.

During a 5 month test of the StethoSafe at a combination fire department, ZERO Stethoscopes were repaired or replace during the test period! This same department's long term average is 7 stethoscopes replaced per month.

After 2 years of use at departments around the world, the StethoSafe has proven to be a durable product with no reports of damage and many happy EMS Directors and individual users.

Proven to Save money


How to install the StethoSafe

Wrap the cord around any strap, loop or bar, then back over and around the StethoSafe, completing a girth hitch.  Then lightly pull on the StethoSafe to tighten.  As in the video.

How to use the StethoSafe

When inserting your stethoscope: Grasp the StethoSafe cord where it's attached to the StethoSafe, and grab your stethoscope by the stem.  Then firmly press together until you hear the 'click'. 

When removing your stethoscope: If the StethoSafe is attached to a bag or case, then simply grasp your stethoscope by the stem and pull.

If your stethoscope is NOT attached to a bag or case, grasp the StethoSafe paracord in one hand and the stem of your stethoscope in the other hand and pull apart.

How many hits can your stethoscope take?

High Performance EMS review of the StethoSafe

Are We crazy?  Wait till the end!

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